Gatherings at 10am | Maudrie M. Walton Elementary School (5816 Rickenbacker Pl, Fort Worth, TX 76112)

Discipleship Groups

Intentional intimate gatherings where we love, encourage,
pray for and admonish one another toward Jesus.


The Bible teaches that God’s people are to gather to practice the “one anothers”. Thus, Discipleship Groups are our primary means of Biblical Formation at Pillar Church. We aim to provide an opportunity for people to develop meaningful relationships with each other and to increase in maturity in Jesus.


Discipleship Groups will be lead by mature believers who have participated in Discipleship Groups and feel led to lead one. They are intentionally designed to be non-dependant on teaching gifts. Instead, the leader functions as the organizer, discussion starter and facilitator for the group.


Utilizing The CBR Journal, group participants will have a daily Bible reading guide that leads them
through the entire Bible in a unified, prayerful and thought-provoking manner. With the Bible open,
participants will talk about what God said and how it applied to them this week. They will have the
opportunity to discuss confusing/interesting/convicting portions of the reading as well as share prayer
requests and praise reports written down that particular week. This is the perfect opportunity to
counsel one another, encourage one another and lead one another closer to Jesus, all while building
trust and love among each other.