Gatherings at 10am | Maudrie M. Walton Elementary School (5816 Rickenbacker Pl, Fort Worth, TX 76112)

Pillar Kids

Pillar Kids is a place where children will learn the character and nature of God through simple systematic teaching and worship. 


Intentional Bible-driven lyrics lead by Spirit-filled leaders that know the importance of their presentation. Using mostly Bible verse songs kids will sing scripture, giving them the opportunity to enjoy with the angels and all of the creation what they were created for. 

Books of The Bible

Kids will be taught weekly the books of the Bible and given an overview of how and why the books were written. It is our goal to have our kids comfortable handling their Bibles and understanding what they believe. 

Bible Teaching

Each section will have a major theme that communicates how God is glorious, worthy of praise, loving, and trustworthy. Our leaders will intentionally find words, phrases, and expressions that communicate the power and majesty of God. 

Memorizing Scripture

Our kids are Biblically Formed through memorizing weekly Bible verses that will help form their hearts and minds for everyday life. Kids will memorize scripture that will help them live and speak their faith in a broken world.