Gatherings at 10am | Maudrie M. Walton Elementary School (5816 Rickenbacker Pl, Fort Worth, TX 76112)

Pillar Youth

The overarching strategy and goal for Pillar Youth can be summed up in the word ā€œDiscipleship.ā€ Pillar Youth is designed to facilitate an environment where our youth will: learn the scriptures, ask hard questions, be encouraged, be accountable, develop Christian community, and simply have laugh out loud fun. Our ministry is to provide our families with activities and events for their teenagers and preteens. Pillar Youth is an avenue to listen to our youth and allow them to use their gifts to edify and encourage the church. Ultimately, we want our youth to know their worth, their value to God, and to the body of Christ.

Godly men and women will teach our youth the Bible using the Community Bible Reading plan (CBR) to walk our youth through the Bible. In this, we hope to not only facilitate a passion for the Word of God but to instruct our youth in reading the bible for themselves, asking questions, and seeking answers for their struggles within the text.

Time: 5:00pm
Location: Different Host homes in the church.
Date: 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month